Yandex Publish Rayon (Район) Usage Data Study

Yandex has published a study, using data from the Yandex.Rayon (Район) platform via their official blog.

Yandex.Rayon is a local news and information service, including classifieds (as listed by users), events, and general announcements. For the study, Yandex has analyzed Rayon data collected during the period of April 2019 to September 2019.

We identified fifteen things and animals that are most often found in posts about losses and finds. For each position in the top, they made a typical ad, trying to use characteristic words. For example, about cats it is often written that they are affectionate, about dogs – that they run around in a  collar somewhere; social cards are lost at stops, backpacks – at playgrounds and so on.

According to the data, cats and dogs were the most lost pets and more announcements about loss were about those animals than any other animal or object.

The data also yields some insight into human behavior, with lost mobile phone announcements outnumbering found mobile phone announcements 7:1. Other items such as bank cards, social cards or earrings, are approximately equally often found in announcements of losses and finds.

Other items, similar to mobile phones, that had a greater number of lost ads versus found ads included passports, wallets, bracelets, and crosses. By contrast, items with greater found ads than lost ads included keys, travel cards, rings, boots… And a turtle.

Dan Taylor
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