Yandex.Realty Launches Rental Search Functions

Yandex.Real estate launches a service for long-term rental of apartments and apartments. Now the complex and multi-stage rental process will turn into a convenient and understandable digital service. Tenants will be able to find an apartment on the service, view it remotely and rent it without even meeting with the owner. And the owner only needs to hand over the keys to Yandex – the company will help with the rest.

Yandex.Realty will take photos of the apartment, organize shows, approve the tenants with the owner, and also help with paperwork and transferring payments. The service has a 3D tour of each apartment, so you can watch them online. This is convenient if a person is looking for housing in Moscow, but he is in another city or he just does not want to waste time or contact with other people. If desired, the apartment can be viewed live.

The tenant does not need to pay a deposit for the apartment and pay for the services of a realtor. Instead, they pay a monthly commitment to the service equal to 5% of the rent. This amount is already included in the price of the apartment on the website. Tenants have access to a chat with a manager and a personal account – you can pay for the apartment and ask any questions online and at a convenient time, without unnecessary calls and communication with the owner of the apartment.

The cost indicated on the website also includes insurance in the amount of up to 1.4 million rubles. In addition to property damage, it covers up to 30 days of downtime if tenants move out unexpectedly. At the same time, Yandex.Realty will be looking for new ones at this time. The service is free for the owner.

While Yandex.Realty is working with apartments and flats in Moscow and the Moscow region. In the future, the geography and capabilities of the service will expand. So, it is planned that soon it will be possible to transfer meter readings and make payments for utility bills.


Dan Taylor
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