Yandex Release Q Mobile Application

Yandex have released a stand-alone mobile application for their Q service.

Mobile Q has all the same features as the web version of the service. The app allows you to ask, answer and comment on questions. Experts in different fields can join communities and set requirements for the quality of responses. The service already has such communities as Marketing, Art and Culture, Business and Management, Real Estate or Biology. To ensure that users receive reliable information, community members check each other’s answers. Expert verdicts are visible to all users of the application.

Tonya Samsonova, the Head of Yandex.Qu was quoted in the Yandex press release as saying:

There are no problems with the amount of content on the Internet, but it’s hard to know what information can be trusted. Kew’s mission is to bring together experts in different fields and provide people with reliable information. Authors’ expertise confirmation system and cross-verification of answers allows us to grow a community of experts. And to make it easier for them to answer questions, we launched a separate application.

Yandex.Q was launched by Yandex simultaneously with the new version of the Vega search algorithm in December 2019. The service brings together professionals who share knowledge and experience in the format of answering questions. At Kew, you can get expert answers about science, medicine, economics, education, art and other areas.

The daily audience of the service is estimated to be 2.5 million people.


Dan Taylor
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