Yandex Reveals Black Friday Consumer Research

Yandex conducted research on buying behavior on Black Friday on the eve of big sales and advised sellers on setting up ads before the start of the promotions.

In 2021, Black Friday for many Russian sellers will last throughout November. Every year the promotion becomes more popular among Russian buyers – for sellers this is a reason to prepare for it more carefully. The growth in popularity can be seen according to Yandex Search data.

In November 2020, Yandex users searched for Black Friday, and related phrases, approximately 2.7 million times.

Most of the queries about Black Friday are made by users at 10-11 am and 9-10 pm. In the week of “Black Friday”, requests for the action were received until late Sunday evening.

What users searched for

During Black Friday, the number of brand searches for stores and manufacturers is growing. Most often, Yandex users search for household appliances and electronics in Search. There were 6 million such requests on Black Friday 2020, which is 15% more than the average for a day from late October to early December.

In the Fashion category, users made 1.5 million brand searches per day – 30% more than the average per day. The number of brand inquiries is also growing in other industries, for example, in jewelry, where the indicator grew by 48%.

In the research blog, Yandex included a graph with this data… Here is the image, translated:

Black Friday Search Topics (Yandex)

The main study findings

  • Every year Yandex users make more and more inquiries about Black Friday before the start of the promotion.
  • Since 2020, the trend towards sustainable consumption has been popular among young people, and every second shopper makes a shopping list for Black Friday. However, 68% of Black Friday purchases were made spontaneously last year. It is important for sellers to be in the field of view of buyers on sales days.
  • The most popular products on Black Friday for all categories of buyers are clothing, footwear, and accessories, as well as electronics and home appliances. Young people under 24 more often than others buy books, subscriptions to services and services from the sphere of leisure and entertainment, people aged 25-44 buy more sports goods and goods for children, and the older generation – goods for home and services from the category “Travel” …
  • Different ad formats can help merchants prepare for Black Friday. Media is good for warming up your audience, Zen is for talking about the benefits or real shopping experience on Black Friday, and performance is for the bottom of the funnel.


Dan Taylor
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