Yandex.Rovers Complete 1,500 Autonomous Deliveries

In a post by the Yandex Self-Driving Team, the company has announced today that their Rover fleet have completed 1,500 autonomous deliveries since the service fully launched at the end of 2020, cover more than 6,000km in the process.

They’ve been making deliveries from restaurants, grocery stores and offices (documents) in Moscow, Innopolis and Skolkovo, three cities in Russia.

We’ve learned a lot via these first 1,500 deliveries — the knowhow that was reflected in the recent Yandex.Rover construction upgrade. Our new and improved delivery robots now have more storage space and can operate for up to 10 hours even in cold weather conditions without having to be recharged. Their storage cases now also open automatically via a button in our app. These improved rovers are already delivering orders to several locations in Russia.

You can read the full post on Medium here.


Dan Taylor
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