Yandex Self-Driving Cars Autonomous On Moscow Roads

Yandex has released 5 unmanned vehicles on the public roads of Moscow; cars of the fourth level of autonomy participate in the experiment.

So far, the first five cars have left on Moscow roads. A few dozen of the same cars are waiting for permission. The experiment is being conducted in accordance with a government decree throughout Moscow. The choice of a specific route depends on the testing tasks.

By the end of this year, it is planned to bring more than 100 self-driving cars to the country’s roads, the company added. It was also noted that cars of the fourth level of autonomy participate in testing, this means that the system is able to independently control the car, and driver participation is not required.

The company also said that active work is underway to simplify the certification process of self-driving cars. “Now it’s very important to bring more cars to the roads, so they learn faster, and technology develops faster. It is planned that unmanned vehicles will be tested in four main locations: departure highways, MKAD and TTK, sleeping areas Yasenevo and Butovo, Kommunarka, as well as the center of the capital, explained the press service of the NTI Avtonet. “In the near future, this test will determine the economic feasibility of using unmanned technologies.

Dan Taylor
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