Yandex Shares New Moscow HQ Architect’s Concept

Yandex has presented a concept drawing of its future Moscow headquarters.

Planned to be built on the site of the demolished Korston Hotel. The area around the office, as well as its first two floors, will be available to the public.

The new Yandex headquarters project was sponsored by the PLP Architecture London bureau. Russian design bureaus Apex and RTDA also participated in the design. The developer of the project will be the MR Group.

“A Local Attraction”

Through its innovative design, and partnering with other organizations to develop the space around it – the desire is to make the building, and space, a local landmark.

In Yandex’s press release, they have stated that:

Cafes, pharmacies, beauty salons, and other organizations will work on the lower floors, and public space will appear around the office where anyone can relax, have a bite or exercise. Yandex will also improve a large area near its headquarters: a green park will appear between the streets of Akademik Zelinsky and Akademik Zeldovich, which is perfect for walking outdoors.

Other, specialized companies will help plan and equip the surrounding areas.

For example, the landscape design will be taken over by Arteza, who participated in the creation of the Zaryadye Park, and in the improvement of the Luzhniki Sports Complex.

Dan Taylor
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