Yandex Suffers Major Service Outage

On the 26th of March, Yandex suffered a major system outage.

DownDetector recorded the issue, as well as a number of user comments.

According to user reports, Yandex currently has problems with 10:01 DP MSK.

The outage lasted for a few hours, before subsiding:

Yandex Suffered Major Service Outage

The DownDetector page recording the outage also picked up more than 1500 user comments, including reports of which products and services were down – and which location – also revealing that this affected not just personal users, but also a number of businesses, and across all Yandex products and services:

User Igor:

The search for contacts in the mail has stopped working, plus employees have problems with sending emails.

User Uncle_Alex:

I was able to go to the mail, but everything is buggy so that nothing opens beyond the first screen. And the scripts work somehow wrong.

User Pavel E:

Yandex mail does not work. Very necessary. work. Thanks. It doesn’t work for everyone.

User Julia:

Yandex.Taxi does not work, as well as City Mobile (taxi, Mail ru), this has never happened!



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