Yandex.Taxi Introduces Small Item Courier Service

Yandex.Taxi users have a new tariff in the application – “Courier”. This is a delivery of small parcels weighing up to 10 kg. Couriers on bicycles, scooters and cars will carry them. The tariff is suitable for users and companies that do not need urgency or transportation of heavy parcels using the exclusively “Delivery” car tariff.

Yandex.Taxi Courier

Ordering a courier delivery is similar to ordering a taxi: you need to select the address and number of the sender – home, store, restaurant or office, and then the address of the recipient and add comments. Shipping costs are calculated based on distance and depend on the city.

At the time of publishing, payment can be made only by card or Apple Pay to reduce human contact with cash. 

Couriers will leave the parcel at the recipient’s door, retreat to a safe distance, and then report that the parcel can be picked up.

Dan Taylor
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