Yandex To Move Business Units Outside Of Russia?

Big changes and personnel changes are brewing in Yandex. According to The Bell, as a result of a possible division of the company’s assets with its founder Arkady Volozh, control over the Russian Yandex may change: the company may have new shareholders and a management structure.

Arkady Volozh may relinquish control over Yandex’s business in Russia, and in this case, he will be able to develop part of its assets abroad independently of the company. The head of the Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, helps the founder of Yandex to implement this plan.

We are talking about several projects, including drones, clouds, and the Yandex.Practice educational projects. The exact list has not yet been determined, says one of The Bell’s sources: for example, the possibility of adding Maps and Navigator to it was also discussed. 

It is assumed that successful businesses in Russia (the same clouds) will continue to develop domestically, but the company will somehow share the rights to their work abroad. 


Dan Taylor
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