Yandex.Travel: Hotel Demand Increases Following Cashback Program

Last week, the fifth stage of the tourist cashback program started – it allows you to return up to 20% of the amount of the trip by paying for it with a Mir card. Yandex.Travel analysts looked at how this affected the interest of Russians in traveling and booking hotels.

On the first day of the campaign, the number of searches for hotels on the service increased dramatically – by 70% compared to last week.

Growth at the level of 30-35% was observed in the following days. According to the results of the first week, the number of bookings increased by 40% compared to the previous week. The share of bookings with cashback reached 20%. A similar picture was in March last year when the third stage of the program started.

The average check for booking in Russia is 20 thousand rubles, and one night costs about six thousand.

The average length of stay at the hotel is 3-4 nights. Interestingly, there are noticeably more families with children among travelers: within the framework of the program, they account for 30% more bookings than outside the promotion. Now participants of the promotion most often book hotels in the following cities and regions:

Top 10 destinations

(the average check of bookings for a promotion in a particular region is indicated)

  1. Moscow and the Moscow region – 17,600 rubles
  2. Krasnodar Territory – 31,000 rubles
  3. St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region – 11,300 rubles
  4. Kaliningrad region – 18,000 rubles
  5. Republic of Crimea – 37,500 rubles
  6. Republic of Tatarstan — 16,000 rubles
  7. Nizhny Novgorod region – 12,800 rubles
  8. Kostroma region – 19,300 rubles
  9. Irkutsk region – 9,900 rubles
  10. Republic of Bashkortostan – 11,700 rubles

Irina Reider, the Head of Yandex.Travel has been quoted:

Yandex.Travel has been participating in the cashback program since 2020, and we see that it works. People began to travel more and stop in places that they could not afford before. Two-thirds of our users save up to 30% of the trip amount as part of the promotion, because they also receive our cashback with Plus points .

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