Yandex Will Create an Expert Council to Discuss Issues of Working with Partners

Yandex is going to create an expert council to discuss issues of working with partners. One of the first problems that will be brought up for discussion will be the work of enriched interactive responses in the search, which caused the FAS claims.

Yandex’s Director of Search, Advertising, and Cloud Services at Yandex has been quoted by The Bell saying:

It is important for us to hear and understand those who build their business using the capabilities of our services. We decided to create an expert council, which will become a platform for discussions on topics of concern to our partners. This way we can understand how we influence them and how we can be of maximum benefit.

The Yandex press service clarified that the council will be collected separately for each relevant topic. In addition to “wizards”, the list of topics included alternatives to tracking users by cookies, displaying licensed content in searches, and fighting piracy.

Earlier in late May, it became known that in the very near future Yandex will begin testing a new type of interactive enriched responses on a partnership basis. Access to the “sorcerers” will be provided on transparent commercial terms. All affiliate responses will be created and displayed according to the rules common to all services.


Dan Taylor
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