20% Of Large Russian Companies Already Use Generative AI In Their Work

A significant shift towards generative artificial intelligence (AI) usage is underway in the Russian corporate sector.

According to the recent study “Artificial Intelligence in Russia – 2023: Trends and Prospects,” conducted by Yakov and Partners in collaboration with Yandex, 20% of large Russian companies have already integrated generative AI into their operations.

This study provides an insightful analysis of the AI market in Russia and globally, evaluating the economic impact and key application areas of this transformative technology.

The study reveals that among these companies, 12% have prioritized specific functions and scenarios for employing generative AI, while approximately 27% are actively experimenting with the technology.

These figures highlight a growing trend of AI integration into business processes across Russia.

A noteworthy finding is the widespread adoption of OpenAI solutions (GPT-4, GPT-3.5) by all surveyed companies using generative AI. Additionally, 80% of these businesses leverage YandexGPT for text-related tasks, and over 40% utilize Kandinsky for image processing.

Generative AI is primarily being applied in marketing and sales (66% of implementations), customer service (54%), research and development (49%), and IT (31%). This trend aligns with global patterns in AI utilization.

The survey underscores the significant benefits of AI integration into business, with 94% of companies reporting cost reductions as a key outcome.

In the consumer sector, which includes banking, retail, media, telecommunications, e-commerce, and IT, around one-third of companies anticipate that AI will boost revenues, enhance product value, and consequently, increase customer loyalty.

Experts predict that by 2028, the economic potential of AI in Russia could reach 22–36 trillion rubles, with roughly 70% of this potential originating from six key industries: transport and logistics, banking, retail, mining, consumer goods, and the IT sector.

The projected effect on GDP from AI adoption could be up to 4%, translating to 4.2–6.9 trillion rubles, of which 0.8-1.3 trillion rubles could be attributed to generative AI.

Further insights from the study, including comparative analyses of YandexGPT 2 and OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 by Yandex specialists, are accessible via the provided link.

This recent comparison revealed that in 63% of cases, Yandex’s language model outperforms OpenAI’s neural network, suggesting a competitive edge in the Russian AI landscape.

Source: Yandex Blog for Webmasters


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