Yandex.Video Sets Up For Joint Viewing Experiences

Potentially in response to the global pandemic and social distancing measures; Yandex.Video has introduced a mechanism allowing you to hold a “movie party” and watch movies, videos, and TV series online.

To start viewing a video with friends, you need to click on the blue “watch with friends” CTA (Смотреть с друзьями):

Проект «Анна Николаевна»

During the shared viewing, you can chat with each other via a private chat function. If someone wants to take a break, say, to go get a drink, the host can pause the video for all participants.

All Yandex.Air content and several thousand films and series from the KinoPoisk HD online cinema catalog are currently available for joint viewing.

KinoPoisk content is provided by subscription or for a fee. At the moment you can experience KinoPoisk for 45 days for free using the promo code: SMOTRIMVMESTE.

Dan Taylor
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