Roskomnadzor Blocks Over 170,000 Pages for Prohibited Content

In the first quarter of 2024, Roskomnadzor, alongside other departments, has blocked or deleted nearly 172,000 internet pages containing content deemed illegal under Russian law, as reported on their official Telegram channel.

In a significant crackdown on prohibited online content, Roskomnadzor announced the blocking or deletion of almost 172,000 web materials, including entire sites and individual pages, during the first quarter of 2024. This action reflects the agency’s ongoing efforts to enforce internet regulations in compliance with Russian law.

According to details released on Roskomnadzor’s official Telegram channel, a vast majority of these pages—157,800—were blocked following court decisions, directives from authorized bodies, and the requirements set forth by the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation. An additional 14,100 pages were removed through collaborative efforts with social network administrations.

Furthermore, since the onset of March 2024, Roskomnadzor has intensified its regulatory activities by blocking 82 websites that advertised VPN services. This move comes in response to new laws prohibiting the promotion of such services in Russia. The agency has also targeted hosting providers that have failed to meet the legislative requirements concerning “landing,” leading to further site blocks.

Roskomnadzor’s aggressive measures are part of a broader strategy to leverage advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, to detect and eliminate illegal content swiftly. This initiative underscores the agency’s commitment to maintaining a controlled and lawful internet environment within the country.

Dan Taylor
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