Yandex Market Launches Raskat, a New Urban Bicycle Brand

Yandex Market has unveiled Raskat, its own brand of city bicycles, featuring lightweight, durable designs with aircraft-grade aluminum frames, aimed at enhancing urban mobility.

Yandex Market has introduced Raskat, a new bicycle brand tailored specifically for city dwellers. These bikes, which range in weight from 14 to 16 kilograms, are designed to be both durable and lightweight, catering to adults and teenagers over 155 cm in height. This launch marks Yandex Market’s latest venture into branded products, following its introduction of household goods, computer equipment, headphones, and clothing under various proprietary brands.

Raskat bicycles are constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum frames and are equipped with 10-speed gear systems, which a Yandex Market study among cyclists determined to be sufficient for urban commuting. A distinctive feature of these bicycles is their sleek design, with brake cables and transmission components neatly concealed within the frame, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

The bicycles are available in four sizes to accommodate different riders and come in eight color options, ranging from bright and glossy to muted and matte finishes. This variety ensures that there is a Raskat bicycle to suit different personal styles and preferences.

Looking ahead, Yandex Market plans to expand the Raskat line further by introducing a range of accessories and other urban mobility solutions. This expansion is part of Yandex Market’s broader strategy to diversify its offerings and strengthen its presence in the lifestyle and utility products market.

This initiative reflects Yandex Market’s commitment to innovating and enriching the consumer experience, following its recent launches of the Pragma brand of household goods, Lunnen computer equipment, Commo full-size headphones, and its clothing brands Tame, Muted, and Humanform.

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