Yandex Expands Delivery Area with Robot Couriers in Moscow

Yandex has significantly expanded its delivery area for robot couriers in Moscow. These robots can now deliver food from restaurants and groceries in the international business center “Moscow City” and seven additional districts: Tverskoy, Presnensky, Lomonosovsky, Ramenki, Aeroport, Troparevo-Nikulino, and Fili-Davydkovo.

Enhanced User Experience

Users can select robot delivery in the Yandex Eats and Lavka apps when placing orders. This service supports over 200 stores and restaurants, including popular names like “Vkusno – i Tochka,” “Azbuka Vkusa,” “Teremok,” “Shokoladnitsa,” “Burger King,” and “Anderson.” The availability of delivery depends on the availability of a free robot at the time of ordering. Users can track the robot’s route in real-time via the app and open the robot’s lid to retrieve their orders.

Robot Capabilities

Yandex’s robot couriers are designed for deliveries within a two-kilometer radius. They navigate urban environments autonomously, using a combination of sensors such as lidars, cameras, and radars, along with HD maps for localization. The robots’ six-wheel design allows them to climb curbs up to 10 centimeters high. Neural networks enable the robots to recognize objects and make navigation decisions.

Performance and Expansion

Previously, robot deliveries were available in the Hamovniki district and Lesnaya Street. In 2023, these robots completed over 100,000 deliveries, with an average delivery time of 11 minutes compared to 8 minutes for human couriers. Yandex’s continuous innovation in delivery services highlights its commitment to enhancing user convenience and operational efficiency.

Dan Taylor
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