New Social Feature on Yandex Maps App

A popular mapping application has introduced a new feature enabling users to subscribe to reviews from friends and city experts, enhancing personalized recommendations and user engagement.

In a significant update aimed at enhancing user engagement and providing personalized experiences, a widely-used mapping application has rolled out a new feature that allows users to subscribe to reviews from their friends and city experts. This update introduces a more social aspect to the app, merging navigation with trusted recommendations.

The feature, housed in a newly designed “Feed” section within user profiles, enables app users to stay updated on the latest reviews from people within their network or those recognized as city experts. For instance, coffee aficionados can now follow users who frequently review coffee shops, receiving updates directly in their feeds. This not only makes finding highly recommended spots easier but also adds a personal touch to the app’s functionality.

Further integrating the social component, the application now offers the option to connect to users’ contact lists. By granting access, the app can suggest following reviews from friends and acquaintances, thereby weaving a user’s personal connections into their mapping experience. When searching for places within the app, users will see ratings and reviews prominently displayed from their friends and selected experts, with reviews from friends appearing first on organization cards.

Users have the option to subscribe to individuals with open profiles. However, reviews from private profiles will remain visible on individual place cards but will not be shared in the feeds or on the profiles of others, respecting the privacy settings of all users.

This new feature marks another step in the application’s evolution, following its recent launch of a service called “Neuro,” which integrates advanced search capabilities with large generative models to enhance user interactions and provide sophisticated search functionalities.

With this update, the mapping application continues to adapt and innovate, offering features that not only assist in navigation but also foster a community-oriented environment where personal recommendations and trusted advice lead the way in urban exploration.

Dan Taylor
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