Yandex 360 for Business Boosts Affiliate Program with Enhanced Bonuses and New Partner Tiers

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In a significant move to enhance its partner program, Yandex 360 for Business announced an increase in the volume of bonuses, effectively boosting the total earnings of its partners by 40%. This development comes as part of Yandex’s continuous efforts to enrich its affiliate program, aiming to foster a more lucrative and mutually beneficial relationship with its partners.

Yandex 360, a comprehensive suite of services tailored for businesses, offers a plethora of tools designed to streamline team collaboration and enhance business communications. These tools include corporate Mail, Disk for file storage, Teleconference for video calls, Documents, Messenger, Mailings, Notes, and Calendar. Such an ecosystem facilitates efficient internal and external communications, scheduling, online meetings, document creation, and collaborative work, thereby boosting productivity and operational efficiency.

In a strategic enhancement to the affiliate program, Yandex 360 for Business has not only increased the bonus size but also revised its structure. The income boost comes from a recalibrated base bonus, an augmented bonus for registering transactions, and additional rewards for meeting sales targets. This adjustment aims to make the partnership more appealing and financially rewarding for existing and prospective affiliates.

Adding a layer of sophistication to its program, Yandex 360 for Business has introduced a tiered partner status system, comprising “Authorized”, “Expert”, and “Professional” levels. These tiers are designed with specific criteria and accompanying benefits, including marketing tools, early access to product updates, dedicated support, and more.

This differentiation acknowledges the varying competencies of partners, providing a structured path for growth and development within the Yandex ecosystem.

The new statuses are set to unlock further opportunities for partners, enabling them to expand their businesses and increase revenue streams through the sale of Yandex’s cloud ecosystem services across various industries.

Alexander Chesnavsky, the commercial director of Yandex 360 for Business, emphasized the company’s commitment to the affiliate program’s expansion and enhancement. “We pay great attention to the development of the affiliate program and are constantly working to improve it,” said Chesnavsky.

He highlighted the growing demand for Yandex’s ecosystem, noting that the company surpassed 120 thousand corporate clients in 2023 and welcomed over 200 new partners. Chesnavsky expressed confidence that these enhancements will attract a broader partner base, facilitate the development of a more profitable service business, and solidify Yandex 360’s competitive edge in the SaaS market.

This initiative reflects Yandex 360 for Business’s dedication to nurturing a robust, effective, and competitively advantageous partnership ecosystem, marking a significant step forward in its market strategy and offering promising prospects for partners and clients alike.

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