Yandex Business Revolutionizes Ad Creation with Neural Networks

Innovative Integration of AI in Advertising
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Yandex Business is set to transform the advertising landscape for entrepreneurs. Subscribers of the service now have the unique ability to generate advertisements using advanced neural networks. This integration marks a significant leap in advertising technology, providing an efficient, skill-independent approach to ad creation.

Efficiency and Effectiveness at the Forefront

The new feature allows users to create ads with just one click, a substantial time-saver. More importantly, it empowers entrepreneurs to launch highly effective campaigns without needing expertise in text and graphic design.

Yandex Business’s internal experiments reveal that ads generated using this method can increase targeted actions by up to 5% compared to traditional campaigns.

Simplifying the Creative Process

Generating an ad is straightforward. Users click the “Generate” button in the “Advertising Materials” tab on Yandex Business.

The process involves two key components: a language model that crafts compelling headlines and messages, and the YandexART diffusion neural network, which creates corresponding illustrations. Users have the freedom to restart the generation process as many times as needed and can manually edit the content before publishing.

Upgraded Neurophotostock

Yandex Business has also enhanced its neurophotostock, boasting a 30% increase in image availability and improved realism.

These images, created by the YandexART neural network, can be used for over 650 types of business activities. Currently, one in five Yandex Business subscribers utilizes these neural network-generated images in their ads.

This development represents a significant stride in the convergence of AI and advertising, offering an innovative, efficient, and effective tool for entrepreneurs. Yandex Business continues to lead the way in integrating cutting-edge technology into practical business applications.

Source: Yandex Press Service

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