Arkady Volozh Leaves Yandex

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On December 30th, Arkady Volozh published his farewell post on Yandex’s internal portal. The founder of Yandex mentioned the upcoming restructuring of the company, noting that this “plan is reasonable and necessary.”

in June 2022, after the imposition of EU sanctions, Arkady Volozh resigned from the board of directors of the company, left leadership positions in its international subsidiaries.

In July, it became known that Arkady Volozh wanted to develop part of the assets abroad, regardless of the company. Alexei Kudrin, head of the Accounts Chamber, who acts not only as a negotiator, helped Volozh to implement his plans. Already at the beginning of December 2022, Alexey Kudrin took up the post of corporate development adviser at Yandex.




Dan Taylor
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