Yandex for the first time surpassed Google in search for iOS in Russia

For the first time Yandex surpassed Google in popularity among Russian iPhone and iPad users in April this year. This is reported by Izvestia, citing a source close to the search engine.

The fact that Yandex is ahead of Google in the domestic iOS search segment is confirmed by the Coordinating Center for RU/RF Domains.

Yandex commented:

We are constantly working to improve the quality of search, investing in its development and growth. In 2017–2022 alone, we invested more than $1.5 billion in its development. In the coming years, we will increase our investments in search development.

In April, the share of search sessions that iPhone and iPad users did through Yandex was 50.3%, and Google – 49.4%. Yandex’s leadership remained in May as well. Whereas in March these figures were 49.6% and 50.1%, respectively.