Yandex Market Enhances Review Management for Sellers with New Tools

Yandex Market, a leading online marketplace, has rolled out significant updates to its review management system, introducing new tools designed to streamline the process for sellers and encourage more feedback from buyers. These enhancements aim to make the review experience more engaging for consumers while providing sellers with improved mechanisms for gathering and managing customer opinions.

The latest updates include a reduction in the time frame for soliciting feedback from buyers, now set at 1-4 days post-purchase. This change is intended to capture buyers’ impressions while their experiences are fresh, thereby increasing the likelihood of receiving feedback. Furthermore, Yandex Market has simplified the review submission form and expanded the opportunities for users to express their thoughts on their purchases across the platform. These adjustments are part of a broader strategy to facilitate more frequent and detailed customer reviews.

An innovative feature targets buyers who have rated a product but left no written commentary. Yandex Market now prompts these users for a detailed review, aiming to enrich the feedback ecosystem with more comprehensive consumer insights.

In terms of review presentation, Yandex Market has revised its product ranking criteria and altered the way reviews are sorted. Previously organized by popularity, as indicated by likes, reviews will now be displayed chronologically, with the addition of considering the content and other factors in their arrangement. This method ensures that the most recent feedback is readily visible, providing a timely perspective on customer satisfaction and product quality.

The platform has also made it simpler for sellers to set up campaigns aimed at collecting reviews. Sellers are no longer required to specify a product category and brand to initiate these campaigns, making the process more straightforward and accessible.

Among the notable additions is the “Reviews for Points” feature, now integrated into the Market’s mobile application for sellers. This tool incentivizes feedback by rewarding customers who take the time to share their experiences.

Further enhancing the functionality for sellers, Yandex Market has introduced new features to the feedback response system. These include direct links from product headers to the catalog, from all reviews to specific product cards on the Market, and the ability to search by SKU, facilitating a more efficient navigation and management of customer feedback.

These updates follow the recent introduction of new analytics tools related to delivery performance, underscoring Yandex Market’s commitment to continuously improving the seller and buyer experience on its platform. By empowering sellers with more intuitive and effective review management tools, Yandex Market aims to foster a more transparent, responsive, and customer-centric online shopping environment.


Dan Taylor
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