Moscow Exchange to Open Trading for Yandex Shares Starting May 15

The Moscow Exchange has announced its plans to list shares of MKPAO Yandex for trading, starting May 15. This decision marks a significant development for the Russian technology giant, positioning it for heightened engagement with investors through one of the country’s premier trading platforms. The shares of Yandex, under the trading code YDEX, will be included in the first quotation list, signaling a strong confidence in the company’s value and stability.

This move comes on the heels of a comprehensive internal reorganization within the Yandex group of companies, alongside the delineation of assets for a forthcoming sale to a consortium of private investors. The restructuring efforts and strategic sale underscore Yandex’s commitment to optimizing its operational framework and enhancing shareholder value.

However, the specified start date for trading is subject to confirmation, with the Moscow Exchange noting that adjustments may be made based on further communications from Yandex. The company has indicated that the initiation of trading is anticipated in the coming months, with a formal announcement to be made to clarify the exact commencement date.

This development follows the approval by the Subcommittee of the Government Commission for the Control of Foreign Investments in Russia for the acquisition of a 96.3% stake in Yandex shares from its Dutch counterpart, Yandex NV. The government’s green light for this significant transfer of shares to local investors reflects a strategic pivot towards consolidating Yandex’s operations within Russia, potentially bolstering its position in both local and international markets.

The listing of Yandex shares on the Moscow Exchange represents a pivotal moment for the company, providing it with a platform to attract investment and foster growth amidst a dynamic technological landscape. For investors, this offers a new avenue to engage with one of Russia’s leading tech firms, known for its extensive portfolio of internet-related products and services.

Dan Taylor
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