Yandex Market Introduces Reward System for Sellers with New Challenges Section

Yandex Market has rolled out an innovative feature designed to incentivize and reward its sellers for engaging actively on the platform. The newly launched “Rewards and Club” section, accessible through the sellers’ personal accounts, introduces a challenge-based reward system that promises benefits such as discounts on marketplace services.

This initiative offers a unique approach to motivating sellers by presenting them with monthly challenges or tasks. Upon accepting and successfully completing these tasks, sellers will be rewarded, fostering a more interactive and dynamic marketplace environment. Notably, there are no penalties or restrictions for sellers who accept a challenge but fail to meet its requirements within the designated timeframe, ensuring a risk-free opportunity for sellers to strive for additional benefits.

The “Rewards and Club” feature, along with its subsection “Challenges and Rewards,” has been integrated into the main menu of the Market sellers’ personal accounts on desktop platforms, with plans to extend this functionality to the mobile app shortly. This move aims to enhance the seller experience by offering tangible rewards for their contributions to the marketplace ecosystem.

Echoing a similar structure to the “Tasks and Rewards” section already available to buyers—which grants discounts and increased cashback for completing certain marketplace activities—this new section is designed to equally benefit sellers, providing them with opportunities to reduce operational costs through various incentives.

The introduction of this rewards system is part of Yandex Market’s ongoing efforts to create a more engaging and supportive environment for its sellers, encouraging greater participation and investment in their marketplace presence. This system not only benefits the sellers through cost savings but also enhances the overall marketplace dynamics by encouraging sellers to maintain high standards of service and engagement.

As Yandex Market continues to evolve, this innovative approach to seller engagement underscores the platform’s commitment to fostering a community that rewards active and dedicated participation.

Dan Taylor
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