Sber developed an analogue of ChatGPT – the GigaChat neural network

Sber developed an analogue of ChatGPT - the GigaChat neural network

Sber developed a competitor to ChatGPT – its own GigaChat neural network. It can answer user questions, maintain a dialogue, write code, create texts and pictures based on descriptions. The chatbot also supports multimodal interaction and communicates in Russian.

In the first stage, GigaChat works in closed beta mode. To test the service, you must join the closed Telegram channel.

The GigaChat architecture is based on the neural network ensemble of the NeONKA model, which allows you to solve many intellectual tasks: keep up a conversation, write texts, and answer factual questions. The chatbot also has a built-in Kandinsky 2.1 model for generating images.

President of Sberbank, German Gref said the following:

GigaChat is unique in its open architecture, while the world analogues of our model adhere to the Closed AI course. It is important that GigaChat can be used not only by mass users who like to experiment with innovations, but also by students and even researchers for serious scientific work.

The SberDevices and Sber AI teams participated in the development of the Sber neural network with the support of the AIRI Institute of Artificial Intelligence and industry experts. The neural network was trained on the Christofari Neo supercomputer.



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