Why sites started to require the installation of Russian browsers for payments?

Why sites started to require the installation of Russian browsers for payments

Internet resources started to notify about a requirement to install a Russian browser or a Mintsifra certificate. They claim that without following these actions, payments through the Sberbank service will not go through. However, the bank claims that the payment will go through in any case.

The security certificate helps to transfer data in encrypted form, confirm the authenticity of the site and its ownership, and protect online transactions and information transfer. The certificate’s presence is verified by all participants in the transaction, and without it, the connection will not be considered protected from interception by intruders and the transaction will be prohibited.

After the introduction of sanctions against Russia, foreign companies issuing certificates for a secure HTTPS connection refused to cooperate with sanctioned banks, including Sberbank. Other banks may be subject to sanctions under the same conditions. But their certificates are still valid. Assuming such a development of events, on March 10, the Ministry of Digital Transformation launched a service for issuing its own security certificates on the public services portal. The particularity is that, by default, Russian certificates can only work with Russian browsers such as Atom and Yandex.Browser. Foreign browsers do not see Russian certificates as reliable. Experts note that under the current conditions, foreign browsers cannot be considered completely safe, and recommend switching to domestic ones.

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