Yandex added a new block called “Groups” to Mobile App Advertising

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Yandex opened access to the beta version of the block called “Groups” to all users within the updated Mobile App Advertising interface. Users can combine up to 10 ad groups under one strategy with unique texts, images, videos, and targeting settings, including retargeting.

The new feature gives the following features:

  • Users can create classified ads under product or service categories within a campaign using groups
  • Automatic strategies will have more learning data, and as a result, app advertising will have a greater outcome
  • Within each group, users can set several options for headings for Yandex.Direct to choose the most effective ones. It will also increase the number of combinations and chances of ads being shown.

The statistics can be evaluated separately for each element on the campaign page. In the Master report, group statistics are not available in the beta version.