Yandex disables Turbo for online shops

Yandex sends letters to site owners informing them that Turbo technology for online shops has been disabled.

According to Yandex, the technology was not as popular as they expected and will be turned off on 9 March. Turbo versions of shops and turbo snippets will no longer appear in the search.

Downloading new feeds is no longer available since the end of February. If the online shop is not yet connected to the Yandex product search, then the product feed from Turbo will automatically move there. If a user does not want the feed to move from Turbo to Products, it can be amended by doing the following – in the Turbo pages for the online shop’s section, go to Data sources and click the cross on the right.

Yandex is testing the display of banners in the middle of search results of its mobile version.

Aleksandra Kelesh
Experienced marketer with a background in supply chain and logistics. Working in SEO, as well as content translations.