Yandex GIT Repository Leaks Online (40gb+)

Code fragments from Yandex’s internal repository, a tool for storing code and working with it, have become publicly available, the company’s press service said. Earlier in social networks it was reported that 44.7 GB of Yandex source codes were leaked to the Internet. The company is conducting an internal investigation. 

Yandex Leak

According to a TASS source, code fragments from the repository were made public through the fault of a company employee.

Code fragments for some of Yandex’s major services have been leaked, including:

  • Search Engine Code (not yet clear how much of the algorithm code has leaked)
  • Yandex’s Indexing Bot
  • Maps
  • Taxi
  • Direct (Aka Yandex Ads)
  • Mail
  • Disk
  • Market
  • Travel
  • Yandex360
  • Cloud
  • Pay
  • Metrika

Yandex are currently denying a hack, leading to speculation it was an internal employee who has chosen to leak the code.

The incident is also drawing comparisons to the 2022 RuTube data leak – which didn’t end great.

this didn’t happen under Volozh

A lot of webmaster forums and opinion forums are quick to highlight that incidents like this didn’t happen under Arkday Volozh, who left Yandex at the end of 2022.

The Yandex security service, according to TASS, concluded the release with the notion that this is a purposeful attack to discredit and damage the reputation of the Russian IT flagship company.

Someone strongly dislikes how the company copes with the geopolitical complexities of doing business, while remaining one of the most sought-after employers in the country.



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