Yandex Market developed a new warehouse robot Dilectus

Yandex Market developed a new warehouse robot Dilectus. Its task is to move boxes with products from the racks from the storage area in the warehouse, and move them to the picking area and back. The robot is capable of lifting loads up to 35 kg and transporting up to 9 boxes at a time.

Dilectus is equipped with a grab mechanism that allows it to remove from the shelves not only the nearest boxes but also those behind them. Thanks to this, more goods can be placed on the racks and not worry that the robot will not reach all the boxes.

In addition to Dilectus, Yandex Market already has two models of warehouse robots of its own design. These are Spectro inventory, which scans pallets of goods, and Motus, which moves heavy loads.

The release of the third robot is another step towards implementing the goods-to-person approach. This is the concept of an automated warehouse. Instead of walking around the premises, the employee is in one place and can better concentrate on picking orders, and the products are brought to them by a robot.

The Yandex Market team has already tested the new robot at the Yandex Robotics Center and is now testing it in action in one of the service’s dark stores. Later, the developers will start testing Dilectus in a dedicated area in the largest Market logistics complex in Sofyino, Moscow Region.

Aleksandra Kelesh
Experienced marketer with a background in supply chain and logistics. Working in SEO, as well as content translations.