Yandex updated the algorithm for detecting copied and non-original content

Over the past few months,   SEOs and webmasters have become quite accustomed to many unannounced updates in Google, and now, the same has taken place in Yandex.

MPC filters received information sites with regularly updated content, author’s blogs, and online stores, which also have blogs with thematic articles. Forum users are reporting filtering, traffic loss, and useless chats with support.

SDLs of considerable age, with unique content and not abusing advertising, complain about an undeserved drop in positions. Sites receive an MPC filter, which is also unexpectedly removed for some, then returned back, or it comes as an issue in Webmaster. It is unclear what needs to be fixed if the content is unique, not automatically generated, and “the site does not violate anything and therefore has been in the top positions for a long time, and now suddenly dropped in rankings.

The lack of visible reasons for position drop leads webmasters to making different assumptions about what updates. Due to search fluctuations, webmasters assume an unannounced update, a crusade against the use of generative AI / against adsense / teasers, or simply “something broke in search, and we suffer.”

Yandex confirmed the update:

Yandex regularly updates its own algorithms to maintain the quality of search results. Another update took place last week. Algorithms now better identify borrowed and non-original content on websites. More details about this can be found in the Help . 

The press service also reported that if the site received a notification from the Webmaster about the presence of low-quality content, spam, and excess advertising, the site owner can make corrections (for example, remove non-original content) and report this by clicking on the “I fixed everything” button in Webmaster on the Security and violations page.

Aleksandra Kelesh
Experienced marketer with a background in supply chain and logistics. Working in SEO, as well as content translations.