Yandex August Update algorithm detects non-original content

Yandex officially confirmed the update of the algorithm, which better detects non-original content. The update took place in August. A message about this was published on the Yandex blog for webmasters.

Search engine algorithms have learned to better identify copied and non-original content on resource pages. Sites containing predominantly copied content rewrote content from other resources, or poor-quality translation that does not comply with the principles of a quality site, according to Yandex algorithms.

Quoting is not a violation. Problems will arise if quoting or rewriting is the main content of the resource.

Copied content is allowed:

  • author’s descriptions of goods, services, events, computer programs, instructions for use and operating manuals;
  • lyrics, aphorisms, literature pieces;
  • laws, decrees, document templates;
  • your content from other sources (blogs, social networks), press releases published on other sites;
  • as well as texts that give users added value.

The information about violations is listed in the Yandex Webmaster. The site owner should fix the problem and report it by clicking on the “I fixed it” button.

Aleksandra Kelesh
Experienced marketer with a background in supply chain and logistics. Working in SEO, as well as content translations.