Google introduced a new search with generative AI

Google introduced a new search with generative AI

Google announced the start of a new era in search and introduced an improved search, which is now powered by AI technology.

AI search

New generative AI technologies will help users quickly understand the right topic, learn something new and more easily find answers to their questions. For instance, if a user searches for “Where is the best place for a family with children under three years old and a dog to go to Bryce Canyon or Arches National Park?”, Previously, in order to find information about this in the search, they would have to set several search queries, and then collect information. Now the most difficult work is taken over by generative AI and gives the user the answer to his original question.

The search also offers additional questions like “How long does it take to visit Bryce Canyon with children?” By clicking on this, the user is taken to a new dialog where they can learn more about the topic of interest. At the same time, the context of the conversation will remain unchanged from question to question, so that the user does not lose the essence of the search.

Product search

New artificial intelligence technologies will help users make purchases. When a user searches for a certain product, the search will offer them a list of important factors for this category and a list of products that match it. Relevant up-to-date reviews, ratings, prices, and photos will also appear in the product description. The information is taken from the Google Shopping Graph, which has data on 35 million products – this is the most extensive database in the world, where information about products, sellers, brands, etc. is constantly updated. For example, data on 1.8 million products is updated every hour so that users have the latest information.

Opinions of other users

According to Google, they know that the opinions of other people are very important to the user when searching for information. Therefore, a special Perspectives filter will appear in the new search, which will offer videos, pictures, and posts from forums, Q&A sections, and social networks. Information about the authors will also be displayed – name, profile photo, and content popularity.

Ranking Changes

Google also announced changes in ranking – content with unique expertise and experience will receive an advantage. In the coming months, an update will be launched to a new system for identifying useful content, thanks to which sites with useful information will rise in the search results.


Advertisements will be saved in the new search – they will be displayed in special blocks that are visually different from organic results.

Search Labs

Google also introduced Search Labs, a service for testing new Google products, including search. The service is currently only available in English for US users.

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