Yandex Market Sellers Have Access to Statistics on Customer Search Queries

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Yandex Market has given sellers free access to an analytical report with statistics on customer search queries. It is designed like Wordstat – a tool that shows statistics of queries in Yandex search.

The Market report allows you to find out the preferences of customers on the service: check the popularity of specific queries, as well as see the top most frequent queries on the marketplace in general and in different product categories. All this will help the seller assess the demand for products, predict the number of impressions and clicks on them, and understand what other products to add to their assortment and what their potential sales volume will be.

Using Wordstat Market, you can also more accurately fill in the characteristics of your product – see which of them buyers consider to be key. This way, the seller’s offer will appear higher in the service’s search results.

Wordstat can be viewed in the seller’s personal account on the Market; free and unlimited access to it opens immediately after the seller registers on the Marketplace.




Source: Yandex Market Press Service
Dan Taylor
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