Yandex Secures Spot Among Global AI Pioneers, According to MIT and Epoch AI Center Study

Joining the Ranks of Tech Giants in AI Development and Research

In a significant recognition of its technological advancements, Yandex has been officially listed among the world’s foremost artificial intelligence (AI) developers. This prestigious inclusion was announced in a study conducted by esteemed scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and analysts from the Epoch AI Center. Yandex stands alongside 22 other leading companies in this exclusive group, which features industry giants such as Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, Meta*, IBM, Huawei, Twitter, Adobe, Amazon, Uber, and Netflix, among others.

The criteria used for this comprehensive comparison encompassed several key factors: the total number and citations of scientific articles related to AI, data volumes used for training models, and algorithm development. Google and Microsoft emerged as the most prolific publishers of AI-related research over the past 13 years, while OpenAI, Meta*, and DeepMind (a Google subsidiary) led in terms of citations.

In this global lineup, Yandex claimed the 19th spot based on the number of AI-related scientific publications, having contributed 246 papers since 2010. Notably, the company surpassed tech giants like Amazon, Huawei, Intel, and IBM in the number of unique authors contributing to these publications.

The study also highlighted the exponential growth in computing power dedicated to AI training. Google’s capacity has surged by a factor of 10 million over 11 years, and both OpenAI and Meta* have seen their capacities multiply by approximately a million times in just six years.

In addition to this remarkable achievement, Yandex continues to make strides in AI application and development. The YandexGPT neural network, a recent innovation, is now adept at detecting and assisting in the rectification of coding errors. This feature is readily available to users of educational platforms like Yandex Workshop and the Unified State Exam in Computer Science with Yandex Textbook. The introduction of this functionality is set to revolutionize the learning experience for students on both platforms, while also alleviating some of the workload for educators.

*Note: Meta Corporation is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia and is banned in the country.

Source: VC.RU

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