Yandex Unveils Public Preview of YandexGPT API with Enhanced Features and Business Support

New Offerings and Grant Program Set to Transform Business Applications of AI

Yandex has announced a significant development in the realm of artificial intelligence with the opening of its YandexGPT API to all users through the Yandex Cloud platform, now in preview mode. This move marks a notable step in democratizing access to advanced AI technology.

The YandexGPT API, now available at a price, brings new technological capabilities to the forefront. It features a large asynchronous model designed to tackle complex text-related challenges, while maintaining the simpler model for real-time query execution. This dual approach caters to a broad spectrum of AI applications, from simple tasks to more intricate problem-solving scenarios.

In addition to these technical enhancements, Yandex has introduced a library of prompts tailored for common business uses of neural networks. These ready-made text queries are designed to streamline the process of working with GPT scripts, such as generating titles based on content, thereby simplifying the interaction with the AI technology.

In a push to foster innovation and support businesses in harnessing the power of AI, Yandex is offering free access to this service through the Yandex Cloud Boost AI program.

This initiative provides technology companies with the opportunity to receive a grant of 1 million rubles for using the YandexGPT API. The grant aims to encourage the development of chatbots, smart assistants, and various text processing applications in business and web services.

Along with the financial support, participants will benefit from expert advice from architects and a discount on continued service use.

To be eligible for the program, companies must be developing their own technological product, with the project at the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage or beyond. It’s crucial for applicants to have a specific task for the YandexGPT API in mind. Details and conditions for participation are available on Yandex’s website.

The YandexGPT API represents a new frontier for Yandex Cloud in the business sector, allowing companies to leverage the extensive capabilities of the large Yandex language model in their applications and services. The service includes the new YandexGPT 2 neural network, which companies can further train with their own data.

Applications of the YandexGPT API are diverse and include the creation of responsive chatbots, text summarization tools, call processing applications, call center scenarios, and assistants for test creation.

This release not only showcases Yandex’s commitment to advancing AI technology but also its dedication to fostering a community of businesses and developers around these innovations.

Source: Yandex press release

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