Yandex Webmaster Enhances E-Commerce Experience with SDEK Delivery Integration

Yandex Webmaster has introduced a new feature that allows online stores to easily add information about delivery via SDEK to their product cards.

This enhancement is set to significantly improve the online shopping experience for users of Yandex Product Search by providing them with detailed insights into delivery times and costs.

The integration of SDEK delivery details into Yandex Webmaster is a straightforward process. Stores simply need to specify two parameters in their product feed, and the delivery conditions will be automatically calculated and displayed on Yandex Product Search.

This feature aims to give shoppers a clearer understanding of the delivery options, potentially increasing their willingness to visit the store’s website and place an order.

To access this new functionality, store owners can navigate to the Products and Offers page in Yandex Webmaster, select the Data Sources tab, and then the Feeds tab. Within this section, they can click on the three dots next to the desired feed and choose “Delivery Settings.”

This action leads them to the “Setting up delivery via SDEK” page, where they can input the necessary delivery details.

Yandex has also provided a detailed guide on how to utilize this new section in its Help resources, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for webmasters.

It is important to note that since July, Yandex Product Search has been highlighting offers with the fastest delivery using the “Faster Delivery” icon. This feature not only helps websites rank higher in the product card but also tends to increase the conversion per click.

The addition of SDEK delivery details is expected to further enhance this functionality, providing users with even more precise information to make informed purchasing decisions.

This update from Yandex Webmaster reflects the company’s dedication to optimizing e-commerce operations and improving the online shopping journey for both consumers and businesses. By offering detailed delivery information, Yandex is facilitating a more transparent and efficient shopping experience, likely to benefit both online retailers and their customers.

Source: Yandex Blog for Webmasters


Dan Taylor
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