Introducing the “Verified Store” Badge

Yandex has announced a significant update to its Product Search feature, phasing out the “Trusted Store” icon and introducing the “Verified Store” badge, a move aimed at enhancing user and partner experience.

This decision, influenced by feedback from users and partners, will see the gradual removal of the “Trusted Store” badge from search results. However, Yandex assures that this change will not impact the ranking of stores in the product card. The “Best Price” and “Faster Delivery” icons will remain operational, continuing to guide users in their shopping decisions.

The new “Verified Store” badge, which replaces the “Trusted Store” icon, can be obtained free of charge after stores pass additional quality checks. This badge is designed to boost user trust and potentially increase traffic and orders for stores by up to 10%. Users tend to favor trusted sellers, associating the badge with superior service quality.

To earn the “Verified Store” badge, Yandex conducts a thorough evaluation process, including:

  1. Order Placement Checks: Quality control staff may place orders using the phone number listed on the store’s website during business hours or from 10:00 to 18:00 local time. This assesses the store’s responsiveness and efficiency.
  2. Website Order Processing: Orders are placed on the store’s website to ensure confirmation times do not exceed two hours, reflecting on the store’s service quality.
  3. Legal Entity Verification: The store and its documents are manually checked through open sources and registries to ensure there are no signs of bad faith or legal issues.

The verification process takes 48 hours and is regularly repeated to maintain the badge’s integrity. Stores can apply for verification through the Webmaster’s account on the “Products and Offers” page under “Data Sources.”

If a store fails its first additional verification or is found to violate standards after receiving the badge, the “Verified Store” sign will be revoked. However, these stores will continue to appear in product searches.

This update is part of Yandex’s ongoing efforts to refine its Product Search feature. In July 2023, Yandex began incorporating the “Reliable Store” and “Faster Delivery” icons into its ranking algorithm, highlighting the three most attractive offers to users. The update prioritizes offers with the best price, followed by those with the “Reliable Store” and “Faster Delivery” badges.

This shift to the “Verified Store” badge represents Yandex’s commitment to improving user experience and trust in online shopping, ensuring a high standard of service and reliability for consumers.


Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor is an experienced SEO consultant and has worked with brands and companies on optimizing for Russia (and Yandex) for a number of years. Winner of the inaugural 2018 TechSEO Boost competition, webmaster at and Sloth.Cloud, and founder of