Yandex will start warning users about unwanted calls in messengers

Caller ID in the Yandex application with Alice has learned to warn users about unwanted calls in instant messengers. The feature has already been launched on iOS and Android for WhatsApp and Viber.

When receiving a call from an unknown number, the identifier will inform the user about the possible purpose of the call. The determinant will warn of negative and useful calls.

Yandex constantly updates its numbers database, receiving them from open sources and trusted partners, as well as taking into account user reviews.

When a user enables caller ID in iOS, incoming call prompts in instant messengers are activated automatically. In Android, the new feature must be enabled in the settings of the Yandex application with Alice using the “Detect calls in messengers” and allow access to notifications. The determinant refers only to call notifications in instant messengers. This is necessary to read the numbers from which calls come in and match them with the base.

According to Yandex statistics, in the first half of 2023, Yandex Caller ID users received 683 million calls from unknown numbers, 147.5 million (21.5%) of which were flagged as potentially unwanted calls.


Aleksandra Kelesh
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