VK Mini Apps Now Available in RuStore

VKontakte announces that VK Mini Apps developers can now publish their applications in RuStore, offering a broader platform to attract new users and expedite the process from conceptualization to user engagement.

At the annual VK Mini Apps meetup, Evgenia Zibareva, the director of business development at VKontakte, unveiled that developers of VK Mini Apps now have the opportunity to publish their mini-applications on RuStore. This initiative is designed to expand the reach of these applications, attracting new users and facilitating a more efficient progression from idea to market.

VK Mini Apps are cross-platform embedded services that operate seamlessly within the VK ecosystem, including VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Mail.ru Mail. These apps are distinctive for their ease of use, requiring no downloads or installations. Users can access a wide array of functionalities with just their VK ID, from playing games to utilizing various services, all without leaving the VK platform.

The integration with RuStore marks a significant milestone for VK Mini Apps developers. RuStore, the official Russian mobile application store launched by VK with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development in May 2022, has quickly grown to become a major player in the Russian digital landscape. As of February 2024, RuStore boasts a monthly audience of 29 million users, roughly a third of the RuNet audience, spanning devices from readers and media centers to TVs and tablets.

To facilitate this expansion, a test mode is currently operational, allowing a select group of RuStore users access to a section dedicated to VK Mini Apps and games. Developers interested in placing their products in RuStore must navigate through a submission process via the application administration panel, adhering to moderation rules to ensure their projects are eligible for inclusion in the RuStore catalog.

This development is poised to significantly enhance the visibility and usability of VK Mini Apps, leveraging RuStore’s substantial user base. The average monthly active audience of VK Mini Apps was 45 million in 2023, indicating the platform’s widespread popularity and engagement. By bridging these platforms, VKontakte continues to foster innovation and growth within its ecosystem, offering developers new avenues to test, develop, and distribute their applications to a wider audience.

The announcement aligns with VK’s ongoing efforts to enhance its suite of services, including the introduction of targeted actions for promoting groups in Odnoklassniki, further emphasizing the company’s commitment to supporting its community of developers and users alike.

Dan Taylor
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