Wildberries to Increase Commission Rates for Electronics and Home Appliance Sellers

Wildberries, a prominent marketplace, has announced an upcoming change in its commission structure that will impact sellers of electronics and household appliances. Effective from January 8, 2024, the commission rates for these categories are set to increase by an average of 5%, resulting in a new commission range of 10-23%.

Background of the Decision

This decision, as confirmed by a Wildberries representative to RBC, marks the first increase in commission rates for these product categories in over a year. The move aims to address the unique challenges associated with the sale of electronics and home appliances, which include requirements for special handling, transportation, and storage due to their technical complexity.

Previous Adjustments in Commission Rates

Interestingly, Wildberries had previously reduced commission rates twice in 2023 to support sellers in these categories. These reductions, occurring in May and then specifically for new Apple gadget sellers in September, were successful in boosting seller income. However, the latest decision indicates a shift in the marketplace’s strategy.

Impact on Sellers and the Marketplace

The increase in commission rates is anticipated to have significant implications for sellers in the electronics and home appliances categories. While it represents an additional cost for these sellers, it reflects the marketplace’s need to balance its service offerings with operational costs, particularly in handling more complex products.

Wildberries’ Other Initiatives

Alongside this commission adjustment, Wildberries is also launching a new feature in January that allows customers to cancel purchases immediately after ordering. This move is part of a broader strategy by Wildberries to enhance customer experience and streamline operations. Tatyana Bakalchuk, the founder of Wildberries, has also recently discussed the company’s focus on facing competition, exploring new markets, and future plans.

The commission increase by Wildberries is a significant development for sellers of electronics and household appliances on the platform. While it aligns with the marketplace’s effort to manage the complexities of these product categories, it also places additional financial considerations on the sellers. As Wildberries continues to evolve and adapt to market demands, these changes are reflective of the dynamic nature of the e-commerce landscape.

Dan Taylor
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