Yandex Has Expanded the List of Business Categories To Receive the “Good Place” Award

Yandex has significantly expanded the scope of the award, including almost 30 new business categories in its recognition program.

Every year, Yandex acknowledges the best establishments based on user reviews and ratings on its platform.

The selection process for the 2023 “Good Place” award will begin at the end of January, with winners announced and celebrated in early February. Recipients of the award will be distinguished with a special mark on their company profiles in Yandex Maps, along with a sticker for display on their premises.

This expansion in the award’s scope marks a significant development for the program.

Yandex aims to encompass a broader range of businesses, recognizing excellence across various sectors. The comprehensive list of newly included business categories is available for public view, offering insights into the diverse types of establishments now eligible for the award.

In addition to the recognition, Yandex has previously offered tangible benefits to award winners. In September, for instance, Yandex rewarded all “Good Place” award recipients with a 15% discount on Priority placement in Maps. This incentive not only acknowledges the high-quality services provided by these businesses but also enhances their visibility and customer reach.

Yandex’s “Good Place” award underscores the company’s commitment to promoting service excellence and customer satisfaction.

By expanding the award categories, Yandex is not only celebrating a wider array of businesses but also encouraging an elevated standard of service across various industries. This initiative reflects Yandex’s role as a key player in the digital sphere, continuously innovating and supporting business growth and recognition.


Dan Taylor
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