Yandex launched testing YandexGPT quick answers in Search

Query Monitoring appeared in Yandex Webmaster
Query Monitoring appeared in Yandex Webmaster
Yandex started using the YandexGPT language model to create quick answers in Search. The neural network provides a short answer to the user’s request under the search bar, summarising information from a suitable source.
Mobile search results                                              Desktop search results

The Russian search engine claims that this way it will be possible to significantly save time in selecting the relevant information for the user. At the launch stage, the function operates in limited testing mode upon request in the Yandex with Alice application.

To create a quick answer, YandexGPT in real time finds several of the most suitable sources for the user’s request. Then the neural network briefly extracts the information from each of them, including if the text required for the answer is located in different parts of the page. After this, YandexGPT selects the most useful answer from the resulting options and displays it along with a link to the source. This is necessary so that users can get additional details on the topic of interest, and sites can get links to the search.

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