Yandex.Travel Data Shows Post-Pandemic Travel Desires

Yandex.Travel have conducted a survey, with more than 10,000 respondents, to gauge the thoughts, feelings, and expectancies of Russian tourists with regards to current travel restrictions, and where they plan on going (on holiday) when able to.

International Travel

From the data published, key highlights include around international travel included:

  • 60% of Russian’s surveyed expect border and travel restrictions to be lifted this year (2021)
  • 68% of Russian’s surveyed affirmed that their travel plans would be altered, or changed, depending on when the borders and restrictions are lifted (and where)
  • 45% of Russian’s surveyed responded that they would travel abroad in the current climate “if the situation improved”
  • 9% of Russian’s surveyed responded that they would travel abroad even if the risk of infection remained
  • 20% of Russian’s surveyed responded that changes to current international restrictions wouldn’t change their travel plans, as they prefer domestic travel/holidays

The more popular international destinations reported by survey respondents included Turkey, Thailand, Italy, Spain, and Egypt.

2020 Russian Travel Summary

Judging by the results of the survey, in the past year and early 2021, most Russians traveled around the country or stayed at home. Almost 40% of the respondents did not leave their city, and 10% went somewhere exclusively for work. With regard to travel, 41% of respondents spent their holidays in Russia.

4.3% managed to travel within the country and abroad, and those only traveling abroad – 4.6%.

Future Behaviour Trends

About a third of the respondents (35.5%) believe that after the opening of the borders, the behavior of tourists will not change in any way. 27% think that people will be more careful, as an increase in the flow of tourists may cause an increase in the incidence. 22% of respondents expect an increase in domestic tourism, and another 12% – that people will travel more often by car.


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