.Lavka To Open In London Under Yango Deli Name

Express delivery service for products Yandex.Lavka will start working in London. Yandex NV, the parent company of the Yandex group, has already registered Deli International Limited in the UK.

As a Yandex representative explained, this company is intended to develop in London a food and grocery delivery service from “dark stores” (stores that act as pick-up depots and not actual walk-in stores) in 10-15 minutes, an analogue of Yandex.Lavka under the international brand Yango Deli.

Deli International Limited is now hiring a team and looking for warehouse space. Yandex.Lavka software has already been adapted for international launches and is ready to be presented on the local market.

In April, it became known that the service was being launched in Paris. According to a Yandex spokesman, Yango Deli is already operating in the French capital in test mode; it is planned to launch it to a mass audience “by the beginning of the high season.”

Note that Yandex services operate in other European countries as well. The service for booking trips under the Yango and Yandex Go brands are available in 16 countries, including Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The service has been launched in Paris in test mode, with a mass audience planned to be launched “by the start of the high season”. The UK-registered company is now hiring a team and looking for warehouse space. Lavka’s software has already been adapted for international launches, said a company representative.

Yandex did not disclose investments in the international expansion of Lavka, but in general, in the e-commerce direction, which includes the services Market, Lavka, as well as food delivery in Ede, by the end of this year was going to invest $ 400– 500 million.

Dan Taylor
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