Mail.Ru Launches Graduates Project has launched the service specifically for the event of graduation. The aim of the service is to allow each graduate to write a letter to their future selves. Exactly a year after you submit your letter, you’ll have it sent back.

The text reads: A letter to adulthood. Letters are collected, the timer is on, the countdown has begun. In a year you will receive a letter from the past. And if you want to write another one, turn on the send timer in Mail.

The Press service has commented:

Graduation is an important stage in the life of any person, it is a psychological boundary between adult and teenage life, passing which many people make plans, think about the future and model the events of their upcoming lives. So that the emotions, wishes and plans experienced by the graduates that day are not “lost”, we launched a service that will help them recover the emotions and emotions of the graduation day in their memory a year later.

Dan Taylor
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