Head Of “Verticals” Anton Zabannyh To Leave Post

The head of Yandex.Verticals (Avto.ru, Yandex.Realty and others) Anton Zabannykh announced on his Facebook page that he would leave the post. His place will be taken by his deputy Pavel Alyoshin, who returned to Yandex in April 2020.

Zabannykh explained that he decided to change the direction of activity within Yandex:

Because it’s difficult to go all the way over from scratch when nothing is clear. An absolute enigma of what is ahead excites, fascinates, makes you develop.

Yandex confirmed the changes to vc.ru, adding that Zabannykh:

Will develop new services that should become an important part of the Yandex ecosystem.

Anton Zabannykh took over the leadership of Vertical at the beginning of 2016, when Yandex separated the direction into a separate company.


Dan Taylor
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