Introducing Yandex Docs

Yandex launched “Documents” – an online service for creating and collaborative editing of files. It allows you to work with documents, even if there is no office suite on the computer, including with colleagues (they will get access to the file even if they do not have a Yandex account).

Working with documents is one of the main day-to-day working scenarios, and now users can not only send them in Mail and store them on Disk but also edit them.

“Documents” allows you to create all the main types of documents: text files, tables, presentations. It is also convenient to work together in the service – for example, make changes to a contract, maintain a client base or prepare a presentation.

The Yandex Documents Interface

The service is available in desktop and mobile web versions. At the time of writing, it is available only to some users, but gradually it will appear for everyone.

The set of services itself is now called Yandex 360, since now it has everything you need to work: not only services for business communication and file storage, but also for working with documents. In addition to the new service, Yandex 360 includes Mail, Disk, Telemost, Calendar, Notes and Messenger. All of these services are free to use.


Dan Taylor
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