Introducing Yandex Pay

In early February we covered that Yandex was preparing to launch a new cashless payment system, Yandex Pay.

Well, it’s now officially launched.

This is a service for fast and convenient payment for purchases by credit card. With its help, you can pay by card without entering its data – they will be pulled from your Yandex account. It will be easier for people to make purchases, and stores will be able to increase sales due to this.

To pay via Yandex Pay, you need to link your card to your Yandex account. The service works with Mastercard, Visa and Mir cards of any banks – cashback and other bonuses of cardholders are preserved. And if you add several cards, you can choose which one to write off money from. The new payment method is not only more convenient, but also safer. A person does not need to leave payment data on dozens of sites – it is enough to indicate them once in their Yandex account, where they are stored in encrypted form.

Alexander Golovin, the Head of Yandex Pay service was quoted in Yandex’s announcement blog as saying:

Yandex has been able to pay for orders for a long time. When people order food or a taxi, they use Yandex technologies that have already been tested by time. Now we are ready to offer this development to other market participants. Any company can put a Yandex Pay button on its website to simplify the payment process for customers and, as a result, increase sales.

The Yandex Pay button has already been installed by Lamoda, Brandshop and other well-known brands; several large online stores have applied. You can connect Yandex Pay directly or by contacting an aggregator of payment services: such an opportunity is offered by Robokassa, Payture, – and this list will continue to grow.

Now the service works only on websites – in most popular browsers. The Yandex Pay button is available to those who linked the card to a Yandex account and logged in. In the future, people will be able to pay through Yandex Pay in mobile applications, in all browsers and offline. Yandex plans to release an SDK for application developers.


Dan Taylor
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